What are the most common issues found during home inspections?

These items are very specific to this area, and based on my experience:
Standing water in gutters/ debris in gutters; rotting trim and siding that is in contact with the ground; rodent activity in attics and crawlspaces; missing insulation for the floors above the crawlspace

What is included and not included on my home inspection?

EIG follows the Washington State Standards of Practice for home Inspectors: - Chapter 308-408C WAC
There's honestly too much detail to list here, but we can also point to the infographic on the website (/your-inspection)

Does a newly constructed home need an inspection?

Yes. Some builders have their own 'inspectors' and they do a great job, but they are generally not state-licensed home inspectors. It is a good idea to get you home inspected before you move in, and then at around 10 months so that we can capture all of the defects (cosmetic and material) that showed up and get that comprehensive list to your builder before your 1-year warranty expires.

Do you provide a warranty on your building inspections?

I provide a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

What are major issues that can come up on reports that are more costly fixes?

Aging roofs, lot grading, severe water issues in the foundation areas, serious foundation settling issues, whole-house pipe replacement, whole-house electrical replacement, electric panel replacement, sewer lateral repair/replacement
These items can cost as low as $2000 and up to $40k or $50k.