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Andy Krajewski, the owner of Engineered Inspection Group will inspect your property personally

Buying real estate can be daunting, especially when you aren't aware of the property's history. Did a previous occupant build an unauthorized home addition? Is the electrical wiring outdated? A licensed, certified, attentive home inspector servicing Tacoma & Federal Way, WA and surrounding areas can answer these questions and more by examining your property from foundation to roof.

Having been through numerous real - estate transactions, Engineered Inspection Group, LLC can provide the high-quality service you deserve. We'll be transparent about the condition of the property and provide you with an HTML or a PDF report so you can make informed purchasing decisions.

Call 425-610-9643 now to schedule a home or multifamily property inspection. We can also do new construction warranty inspections

Using technology to our advantage

Without specialty equipment, home inspectors can only make an educated guess about the condition of certain structural and mechanical components. We take the guesswork out of pre-listing inspections by using thermal imaging equipment, moisture readers and GFCI testers. Call us today for more information (425) - 610 - 9463

3 reasons to choose Engineered Inspection Group

Engineered Inspection Group isn't the only home inspection company in the Puget Sound area, but we're setting the standard for service in our area. You can trust us to inspect your property because we're...

Plus, we offer convenient online scheduling and payment options. Contact us today to work with a trusted home inspection company in Tacoma, WA.

Highly qualified

Highly qualified

we're insured, licensed in the state of Washington and certified by the world's largest home inspection association.

Always available

Always available

whether you're thinking about getting a new construction inspection or are simply comparing service providers, you can reach us at any time.



standard home inspection services start at just $259, and we provide free estimates upon request or through the website.

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