Find out by getting a new construction inspection in the Tacoma, WA area

No matter how well your new home was built, it probably isn't flawless. Engineered Inspection Group, LLC of Tacoma, WA can determine what mistakes were made and recommend action items that should be covered under your builder's warranty. We can perform a new construction warranty inspection before you move in and a follow-up inspection nine or ten months later.

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Use our inspection report as a negotiating tool

The construction company you worked with likely won’t make repairs to your newly built office building without strong evidence. We’ll provide leverage in the form of a detailed new construction inspection report, which will include…

  • Photos of construction flaws
  • Notes with location information
  • Specific repair recommendations

Our owner will personally perform your new construction warranty inspection in the Tacoma, WA area for your complete peace of mind. Make an appointment at your convenience.