Get a head start on your home sale in Tacoma, WA and surrounding areas

Many Tacoma, WA area homeowners wait until closing to get their properties inspected, and some find out too late that their homes need extensive repairs. By scheduling a pre-listing inspection, you can get needed repair work done at your convenience and give prospective homebuyers peace of mind about purchasing your property.

Engineered Inspection Group, LLC performs pre-listing inspections for residential and commercial clients at affordable rates. Call 425-610-9643 now to get a free estimate.

We won't make you wait around for service

When you’ve got homebuyers willing to pay top dollar for your property, you need to move quickly to finalize the sale. Don’t put off a pre-offer home inspection until the last minute.

Our owner can…

  • Inspect your property as soon as possible
  • Give you a comprehensive report in no time
  • Answer your questions at any time

Contact us today to schedule a pre-offer home inspection in the Tacoma, WA area.