Should I inspect my new construction home?

Short answer: yes.  Builders make mistakes.  We’ve completed countless new construction inspections to date.  Here’s what you need to know:

  1. The builder may send their own inspector.  This inspector does not work for you, the buyer; they work for the builder.  In most cases, they are not Washington State Licensed Home Inspectors.  Their job is to go through the home and identify cosmetic defects: nicks in the drywall, poorly installed outlets and switches, buckled flooring.  They are the builder’s quality control inspector. 
  2. Your builder probably offers a 12 month warranty on the home: Schedule a New Construction Warranty Inspection in month 9 or 10 of being in the home.  Engineered Inspection Group performs an enhanced inspection on such visits.  The most common issues we find during a warranty inspection are nail pops, dents and dings in drywall, minor cracks at drywall corners and seams, exposed ends on wood floors, and buckled hardi board siding.  Engineered Inspection Group produces a custom report for each of these inspections, which documents all defects with detailed photos, descriptions and locations.  These defects are often not present during your walkthrough - wood floors, framing and hardi plank siding expand and contract as seasons change, these defects develop over time.  If you’re in a new construction home, it is highly recommended that you schedule a home warranty inspection before the 13th month. 
  3. Some builders have a detailed online form for repair requests.  Engineered Inspection Group is available to answer questions about your report and discuss findings with the builder at no cost, or we are able to complete these burdensome forms for you for an additional fee. 

It is important to inspect your new construction home.  A good builder will fix defects that occur within the first year of ownership: you need a licensed home inspector to help identify those defects and act as a liaison between you and the builder.  We are here and happy to help!