Ultimate Inspection Checklist for Sellers

When you’re selling your home, having a home with no issues will help you bring in the best offers and might save you time and money, in the end. 

Repair electrical issues like uncovered outlets and switches, scorched outlets, missing ground fault interrupt outlets. 

Install Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors

Fix holes in interior and exterior walls and paint.  Nothing will deter from a buyer’s walkthrough experience more than a hole punched in a wall, crayon on the door jamb and unfilled holes, rot or cracks in the exterior wall surfaces. 

Clean out the gutters.  This is one of the first things an inspector will point out.  This job can often be done by the homeowner at no cost and gives the impression that the home was well cared for. 

Fix any known plumbing leaks.  Leaks lead to water damage and mold.  When a buyer or an inspector finds a leak, it makes one wonder what else might be wrong with the home. 

Ensure deck rails, stairs and deck structure are up-to-code.  Especially if there are VA and FHA buyers in your market – an appraiser will not let these things pass. 

There are a seemly overwhelming number of things to worry about when you’re selling your house.  The list above contains just a few ideas that could make a good impression for prospective buyers.  Engineered Inspection Group performs Pre-Listing Inspections which address the above issues and much more.  When you get a Pre-Listing Inspection, you are informing yourself of what to expect if the buyer hires an inspector, saving money on repairs because you can schedule and get multiple quotes, and you may even benefit from prospective buyers waiving their inspection.