What to address first, after buying your new home

Chances are, after you’ve bought a new home, you’re moving in with changes in mind and maybe some repairs you know you need to make.  This is a stressful time!  Here are some tips for prioritizing some of the projects on your new home checklist. 

Safety Concerns on your to-do list should be addressed with the highest prioirity.  If your inspection report has issues like uncovered outlets and switches, scorching on electrical outlets, rotted deck boards, missing fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, lint built up in the dryer vent – these are the things to address first.  They will keep you, your family and your investment safe.

Paint is an approachable DIY project for even the most novice do-it-yourselfers.  If there are rooms you want to repaint, do this even before you start to unpack.  Moving things into those rooms will slow you down and may result in moving things twice, and having to spend time covering furniture and accessories that weren’t in the room before.  Consider buying or renting a paint sprayer to make the process go faster and to achieve a cleaner finish.

Maintenance Items such as clogged gutters, mossy roofs, leaks in plumbing lines, unpainted exterior wood, replacement furnace filters should be taken care of next.  These things, if left untouched, can compound into bigger, more expensive issues.  At their beginning stages, like in the examples above, the fixes are cheap and even easy to DIY.  When they get out of control, the bigger problems often require costly professionals and expensive repairs or replacements. 

The rest of your list can generally wait.  Things like loose door knobs, drafty windows, refinishing the deck, replacing plumbing fixtures are nice to have and may save money in the end, but the items above are more important or more practical. 

If you didn’t get a home inspection during the buying process, give us a call.  We’ll identify defects and publish an informative report with recommendations and photos to help you get your new home to-do list together.